Impact Stories

We collected short videos and written statements about how our project has impacted the participants.

Interviews with Teachers

The idea behind the movie was to hear the voice of the actual teachers and their reasons behind becoming teachers in the first place. It gave us the possibility to hear their stories, the problems they encounter everyday but also what they find the most rewarding in their field. The students were asked to interview…

The Perfect Teacher

The students were to consider the idea of the „Perfect Teacher”, discuss it in their schools and prepare posters that would represent the topic from their point of view. The chosen forms were different but the ideas presented on them were quite similar. The international students want their teachers to be: Understanding Kind Always ready…

Europe Day – Celebrations

Europe Day – Germany (May 9th 2018) At Liselotte-Gymnasium, we celebrated Europe Day on 9th of May. The motto was “United in Diversty” The students created posters on this topic, Mr. Gulden gave a short speech and the school community had access to the posters for an entire week. Europe Day – Germany (January 23rd…

Internet Safety

We created a survey with Google Surveys that was completed by every partner school: Survey During the meeting in Croatia we then did a workshop: Workshop: Safer Internet Use The students in groups of five used short performances to show what fake news and the risks of using the internet are, how to stay safe…

Employment Statistics

First students collected data about employment and then compiled a chart poster. These poster were then compared during the meeting in Zagreb. Thereby practices the following soft skills: judgement, social intelligence, perspective, teamwork and presentation skills. Task Students should gather information about job market in their country. Step 1: They could visit the employment bureau…

Job Interviews

Task INTERVIEWS WITH EMPLOYERS This pre-task countries will do in pairs. They have to choose how do they want to communicate (e-mail, google docs, whatsapp…) Paired countries according to number of students taking part: Croatia (4 students) Germany (4 students) 8 students total Poland (3 students) Italy (6 students) 9 students total Finland (3 students)…

Logo Competition

Every project needs a logo. And because we live in a democracy we decided to have a vote on the best logo for our project. So every partner country created one or two suggestions for a logo and during our first project meeting in Finland we voted for the one that we liked best. In…

Media Literacy

Soft Skills trained:
digital communication
critical thinking

Team Building

Soft Skills:
team work