Europe Day – Celebrations

Europe Day – Germany (May 9th 2018)

At Liselotte-Gymnasium, we celebrated Europe Day on 9th of May. The motto was “United in Diversty” The students created posters on this topic, Mr. Gulden gave a short speech and the school community had access to the posters for an entire week.

Europe Day – Germany (January 23rd 2019)

Six girls from our school participated in a European Competition (Europäischer Wettbewerb). They organized an entire exhibition – including workshops and activities – on the European Union for the entire school. There was a poster exhibition, European dishes were prepared, students came into classes to collect opinions and do quizzes on what the students. There also was a huge pinboard with a European Map: every student put a pin on the map where he or she came from – it made a great tableau showing the wide range of our students’ cultural backgrounds.

The project won a first price on the local and regional level.

Europe Day (March 9th 2019) – Finland

Europe Day in Finland was celebrated 9th of May 2019  with different activities: Erasmus+ team decorated our school nicely. There was a quiz “Fun facts about Europe” and great prizes for winners. Students and teachers were also able to mark the finest place they have visited on the map of Europe. The whole school was able to participate to all of the activities.  

Erasmus Days (October 11th 2019) – Finland

Pietarsaari Upper Secondary School participated in Erasmusdays together with 3992 other European schools. Three-day events around Europe included a variety of activities; Erasmus+ students at Pietarsaari Upper Secondary School decided to introduce our partner countries on Friday, October 11th, 2019.

Students who had travelled or who will travel to one of the partner countries, were responsible for their own desk, where they had collected items that are typical of that country. In addition, a QR code could be found at each table, followed by a question. After walking around the exhibition, answering the questions and participating in the lottery students could win some delicious prizes. 

In addition, there was a desk related to KA1 in-service training project for teachers called Bringing Wellbeing into the School.

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