Employment Statistics

First students collected data about employment and then compiled a chart poster. These poster were then compared during the meeting in Zagreb. Thereby practices the following soft skills: judgement, social intelligence, perspective, teamwork and presentation skills.


Students should gather information about job market in their country.

Step 1:

They could visit the employment bureau or some employment agency (or their web-page) and find out

  1. what jobs are now in demand, and what are not
  2. what are employment/unemployment rates in their country

Step 2:

When they get the information needed, students will create simple graphs, one showing wanted jobs, and the other showing the less wanted ones.

Step 3:

Students will attach graphs to posters whichever way they prefer: digitally or on carton. If they choose digital version, they can upload the to a cloud drive – from which they can be printed before the meeting.

Step 4:

Students will interpret the graphs to other students during a meeting.


judgement, social intelligence, perspective, teamwork, presentation skills


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