Europe Day in Germany

At Liselotte-Gymnasium, we celebrated Europe Day on 9th of May. The motto was “United in Diversty” The students created posters on this topic, Mr. Gulden gave a short speech and the school community had access to the posters for an entire week.

Internet Safety

We created a survey with Google Surveys that was completed by every partner school: Survey

Employment Statistics

Task Students should gather information about job market in their country. Step 1: They could visit the employment bureau or some employment agency (or their web-page) and find out what jobs are now in demand, and what are not what are employment/unemployment rates in their country Step 2: When they get the information needed, students…

Job Interviews

Task INTERVIEWS WITH EMPLOYERS This pre-task countries will do in pairs. They have to choose how do they want to communicate (e-mail, google docs, whatsapp…) Paired countries according to number of students taking part: Croatia (4 students) Germany (4 students) 8 students total Poland (3 students) Italy (6 students) 9 students total Finland (3 students)…