LTT Barcelona (Spain)

Activity Poster (by Pietarsaaren Lukio)

On October 13th, two students, Małgorzata Lach and Jakub Babiarz, with one teacher Mrs Joanna Wójtowicz, set out on a trip to Barcelona as part of the Erasmus+ “FROM ME TO WE – Networks for Empowering Teachers and Students”. The project is about the cooperation among 6 European countries: Croatia, Finland, Spain, Germany, Poland and Italy. Our journey was quite long as our plane was scheduled at 5:45. After few hours we arrived to sunny Barcelona and we were welcomed by our hosts. They prepared an amazing day full of funny activities for us so we experienced the city first-handed.

Since Monday though, we started working on the project. First, we had to get to know each other better by participating in ice breaking workshops. We also had a chance to visit the school grounds.

The next day we had the opportunity to visit the breath-taking monuments- Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. As everything comes with a price, our job was to interview the international tourists about those attractions.

Wednesday was also filled with project workshops and presentations. We started with role models spreading in NEI presentations and continue with extremely interesting Workshops on Entrepreneurship and Resilience. We continue to practice our soft skills in Escape Room.

However, Thursday was extraordinary, as we went by train to Stiges and there we had to, in our groups, perform specific tasks e.g. dance on the beach, sing a specific song. As we were very brave we not only dance to Macarena but also sang Bohemian Rhapsody. Friday was filled with activities as well, as we had the workshop on planning our own business and Social Inclusion. As a cultural exchange we also had the cocktail party with our traditional dishes as food.

With that, our amazing week was over and we, filled with emotions, had to say goodbye to our new friends from all around Europe. There were a lot of tears and promises to keep in touch.

We are very grateful for such a life-teaching experience.

Małgorzata Lach