Logo Competition

Every project needs a logo. And because we live in a democracy we decided to have a vote on the best logo for our project. So every partner country created one or two suggestions for a logo and during our first project meeting in Finland we voted for the one that we liked best.

In our school we were very lucky to invite a special guest. Kolja van Boekel, the husband of one of our art teachers, is a graphic designer and he gave a workshop on logo design for our entire project group. Since this was the first activity connected to the project, Mr. Gulden first explained to the group what the project was about. Specifically, what soft skills were to be trained and how supporting networks can work in real life.

After that Kolja took over and explained logo design principles, after which he had the students sketch first drafts of a possible logo. He looked at every sketch and discussed possible changes with the individual students. When all logos had been drawn he digitized them and we had a poll on google forms to decide which of our logos would come with us to Finland. The two logos on the bottom are the German proposals of which we are very proud. The logo in the top left corner is the one that won the contest of all partner countries. It was designed by the Spanish team.

Winner of our Logo Competition

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